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Communicating About Mistakes
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There are times when we need to remind our dogs that they just made a mistake even though the rules say we “may be excused for training in the ring.” If we don’t, they will come to believe that what is expected during training is different from what is expected at a show. 

The most effective reminders come quickly after the mistake is made. However, there is no reason to remind your dog that he made a mistake in the ring unless he understands what you are trying to communicate. To be able to effectively communicate a mistake to your dog while in the ring, you need to communicate the mistake in the same way during training. 

Can you communicate mistakes to your dog in training so that if he makes the same mistake in the ring, you can gently let him know, without offending the judge or anyone watching? Watch this video to learn the communication skills necessary to let your dog know he’s made a mistake in the ring. Wrong in the Ring, Part 3.

Dogs are situational. If we allow mistakes in the ring, we risk teaching our dogs that they can perform differently in the ring than they do in training. You can plan better than that!
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