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Perfecting the Dumbbell Pick-up, Part 2
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I hope you enjoyed my message and video about Perfecting the Dumbbell Pickup. I provided you with the first three steps I use to teach dogs that it matters how they pick up a dumbbell. The steps are intended to explain to a dog that he simply does not have time to hit the dumbbell with his feet.

Next Steps – Approaching a problem Directly or Indirectly

There are two approaches for solving many problems. You can approach a problem directly or indirectly. For example, if a dog is barking in his crate, you can teach him the command “quiet,” and perhaps use a squirt bottle of water to enforce your quiet command. You are solving the problem “directly” by teaching the dog that he will be squirted with water if he does not respond to your quiet command.

Alternatively, you could open the crate door and teach the dog to stay until released to come out. Often, a dog that is required to focus on staying in a crate with the door open will stop barking. You are solving the problem indirectly by teaching him to focus on staying in his crate.

Watch this video for the next steps in the technique I use to teach a dog that it matters how he picks up a dumbbell.

Click to View Video: Perfecting the Dumbbell Pick-Up, Part 2

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