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Teaching the New Obedience Dog: Sample Training Session
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How long should your training session last?

We often spend too long training and do too many repetitions. This is an easy trap for obedience handlers to get into. The exercises are short, and repetition is not a problem for the traditional obedience breeds so we are tempted to just keep training.

Learning Accumulates

In addition to obedience, I have also competed in tracking and field work. Training for these other venues has taught me that learning accumulates.

Keep Training Sessions Short

I want to encourage you to keep your training sessions short and plan a variety of skills to work on. You are training an inexperienced dog and just as a kindergarten teacher is constantly changing subjects, so should you. There is a reason that young children have ½ day kindergarten complete with recess and naps. With age and experience, children learn to concentrate for longer periods of time. The same is true for dogs.

Training Thaddeus

Watch this video for an example of how to plan your training sessions.

Mastermind Coaching Group for New Dogs

Are you enjoying this series? Are you following along and making progress?
Are you ready for new skills to practice? It’s time to build on your dog's heeling, jumping and retrieving skills.

Very soon I will be launching a Mastermind Coaching Group for those of you training a new obedience dog.

Members of the
Mastermind Coaching Group will receive:
  • Individualized Communication and Coaching with Connie
  • Answers to Member's Specific Questions
  • Opportunity to Participate in Group Meetings
Watch for more information in my next message.

In the meantime, please send me your questions about the skills you've been learning over the past few weeks.