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Wrong in the Ring Webinar - April 18th
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Thanks for your responses to my video series about mistakes that only happen in the ring. So many of you have contacted me with questions and comments.

I am creating a list of your questions about “mistakes that only happen in the ring” such as the dog that brings back more than one glove, freezes on the drop signal, wanders around on his finishes, fails to sit at go-out or takes steps after giving him the stand signal. 

I am planning a one-hour webinar on Wednesday, April 18 at 7:00 p.m. to answer these questions and as many others as I possibly can - so keep sending them to me! To participate in this FREE webinar, you must own a copy of Wrong in the Ring (as a digital obedience guide or E-Book). If you do not own Wrong in the Ring, there is still time to purchase it before the webinar.

Buy Now - Wrong in the Ring 

One of things I like about the digital obedience guide format is that I have the ability to add new material and revise the content. I am currently working on a revision to chapter 5 to address the rules that become effective May 1st pertaining to Stays and the Command Discrimination exercise. Stay tuned – I will let you all know once the revision is ready in your obedience guide, Wrong in the Ring. 

Purchase Wrong in Ring soon so you will have time to read it before the webinar. It will provide a foundation for the content I will be presenting at the webinar. 

Invitations will be sent to everyone that owns or purchases
Wrong in Ring by midnight, April 16th. 

I hope you will join me on April 18th to talk about the mistakes your dog is making in the ring.