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Online Obedience Training Digital Obedience Guides

Digital Obedience Guides

A “Digital Obedience Guide” is a collection of text, videos and webinars developed by Connie Cleveland on topics related to obedience training for dogs.

Connie is currently offering four Digital Obedience Guides including:  All the guides have easy to follow instructions and progression charts for reference. You need nothing more than your web browser. There is nothing to download or any software to install. Each of Connie’s programs are based on The Connie Cleveland Method and her belief that Dogs are Problem Solvers.

Want to try one before you buy? Download a FREE copy of Tricks That Transition to Obedience Exercises

Performance Puppy Primer

Online Digital Obedience Guide
Proofing: Benefits of Mistakes

Online Digital Obedience Guide
Ring Preparation:
The Day of the Show

Online Digital Obedience Guide
Wrong in the Ring

Online Digital Obedience Guide