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Online Obedience Training Performance Puppy Primer

Electric Collars - An Instructional Guide

Are you interested in learning more about electric collars?

If your lifestyle demands completely reliable off-leash control, or if you have a dog that is frequently unreliable off-leash, the e-collar may be the right tool for you.

Appropriately using an e-collar involves teaching your dog how to respond to the e-collar stimulation. This needs to be done in a step-by-step fashion that shows the dog how to stop the stimulation when it occurs and how to prevent the stimulation in the future.

If you think the e-collar is a tool you need, and you want to understand how to use it correctly, this Digital Obedience Guide is written for you.

This Digital Obedience Guide discusses:

  • Getting Started- Understanding your e-collar settings
  • Guidelines for Training
  • Connecting Obedience with Reward
  • Step -By Step Instructions to reinforce the Commands:
    • Come, Sit, Kennel (Place), & Stay
  • An Obedience Game: Practicing Multiple Commands

Attend the Live Webinar on April 24 conducted by Pat Nolan & Connie Cleveland-Nolan

After April 24, a recording of the webinar will be added to the Digital Guide

(On April 25, the price of this Digital Guide will increase)

Price: $49.95

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