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Online Obedience Training Performance Puppy Primer

The Performance Puppy Primer

This Digital Obedience Guide provides a progression of skills for your performance puppy. Your new puppy will be introduced to heeling, retrieving, scent discrimination, jumping, go-outs and, field skills with written text and videos of Connie working with her puppy, Nate.

The Performance Puppy Primer includes:
  • Infancy: 7-9 Weeks
  • The Fun Continues: 9-12 Weeks
  • Third Month:The Fun Expands
  • Fourth Month: Exponential Progress
  • Fifth Month:A Responsibility Shift
  • Sixth Month: Developing Motor Skills
  • Access to a one-hour video recorded webinar about preparing puppies for a performance career.
    These webinars include Connie Cleveland’s responses to questions submitted by participants.
Watch Nathan get introduced to a dumbbell, or in this case a metal article, with a reward marker and a Manners Minder. 

Price: $80

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