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Respond to the Errors Your Dog Makes in the Ring!
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Wrong in the Ring

How many times have you heard a competitor lament “He only does it wrong in the ring”?  How many times have you uttered that phrase?

Without a doubt, the most difficult problems to fix are those that only occur when your dog is competing in the ring.

This Digital Obedience Guide will provide you with techniques for responding to the serious and failing errors your dog makes in the ring. By using these techniques, you may avoid the frustration that comes when your dog “only does it wrong in the ring.”

Wrong in the Ring  combines written instruction and video into a format that allows you to easily access it on the device of your choice. Review it at home or take it with you to the show and read it on your tablet or smart phone. And, if you still like to hold a book in your hands, at the push of a button, you can print out a copy to review with the online videos.

Table of Contents: Chapter 1:  Responding to Errors that Occur in the Ring
Chapter 2:  Heeling
Chapter 3:  Anticipation
Chapter 4:  Incorrect Paths
Chapter 5:  Stay Exercises
Chapter 6:  Signal Exercise
Chapter 7:  Scent Articles
Chapter 8:  Moving Stand for Exam
Chapter 9:  Directed Jumping
Chapter 10:  Other Errors that Occur in the Ring
Chapter 11: “Wrong” is Information the Dog Needs 

Price: $60

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