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Online Obedience Training DVD


DVD Training Series

This innovative training package is a must have for the novice or veteran obedience enthusiast. Three hours of professionally produced DVDs, an 85 page training manual and progress charts enable you to develop all the skills necessary for your competitive obedience dog!

Connie’s program is designed to show you:
  • How to start an untrained dog.
  • How to teach the obedience exercises.
  • Which exercises you can train concurrently.

These DVDs show dogs of all ages and breeds learning the obedience exercises. 

You will watch actual one on one instruction and learn how to respond to your dog’s successes and errors.
Most importantly, you will learn which exercises you can teach your dog concurrently.

  • First 10 lessons introduce your dog to the basic commands; Let’s Go, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, and Jump.
  • Recall Skills section includes instruction in the recall, drop on recall, and signal exercise.
  • Jumping Skills section includes the broad jump, go-out and directed jumping exercise
  • Advanced Heeling Skills section includes heeling patterns, halts, turns, pivots and finishes.
  • Retrieving Skills section includes the retrieve on the flat, retrieve over the high jump, glove and article exercises.
  • Stationary Skills section explains how to successfully teach the sit and down stay, moving stand, and stand for exam.

Price: $129.95
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