Online Dog Training by Connie Cleveland & Dog Trainers Workshop

Online Training with Connie Cleveland

Are you too busy to attend an obedience class? Live too far away? Consider one of our online dog training courses.

Connie is currently offering 5 Digital Obedience Guides as a way to combine written texts and instructional video.

  • All the guides have easy to follow instructions and progression charts for reference.
  • You need nothing more than your web browser and require no extra software - there's nothing to download or install.
  • Each of these Online Digital Obedience Guide programs demonstrates the Connie Cleveland method based on the idea that Dogs are Problem Solvers.

Want to try before you buy? Click the Tricks that Transition button below and you'll have access to your first D.O.G.

Tricks that Transition (Free!)

Performance Puppy Primer

Benefits of Mistakes

Ring Preparation - The Day of the Show


What is a Digital Obedience Guide (“D.O.G.”)?

A “Digital Obedience Guide” is a digital collection of text, videos and webinars developed by Connie Cleveland on topics related to obedience training for dogs. To experience a D.O.G, you can download Tricks that Transition to Obedience Exercises for free. Download “Tricks that Transition” here.

How can I purchase a D.O.G?

All the Digital Obedience Guides are available for purchase from this page.
Some are sold over a period of several weeks at a time so that Connie can conduct webinars in a timely manner. The individuals who purchased the D.O.G.’s are webinars where she responds to comments and answers the questions she receives.

I am on the DTW mailing list – I get the newsletter and blog posts. Why am I not receiving notice when the D.O.G’s go on sale?

If you have signed up for the D.O.G, Tricks that Transition to Obedience Exercises you are on the Digital Obedience Guide mailing list. You will receive regular training tips and all notices for D.O.G. sales. Download “Tricks that Transition” here.

In the past, I have had trouble logging in to my Digital Guide?

We are in the process of streamlining and simplifying the DOG log in process. This new log in procedure will first appear in the newest D.O.G- Ring Preparation. we hope to have the others upgraded shortly. All you need is the email address that you signed up with.

How long will I be able to access a D.O.G.’s that I purchase?

D.O.G.’s do not expire. In fact, they just keep getting better. The D.O.G.’s are supplemented periodically in response to the questions Connie receives or other topical information that she becomes aware of.

Do I need special software in order to participate in the webinar?

You do not need any special software. You will receive an email with all the information you need to sign on live for the webinar and a contact in the event you still have questions.

I missed the webinar!

No worries, you can watch a video of the webinar the next time you open the D.O.G.