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Competitive Obedience

I have dogs because I love dogs. I would have dogs if I never competed again. The fact that I can share my home with a different species, that we coexist peacefully, harmoniously, and, yes, have great fun together fascinates me.

I am passionate about dog training and preoccupied with better ways to do it. I am in awe of what dogs allow me to teach them and am truly amazed by the bond that develops and the communication that takes place between competitive obedience handlers and their dogs.

I want to share my passion for the sport of dog obedience with other competitive obedience handlers. I have no doubt that dogs are problem solvers and I know that handlers can be problem solvers too.

I have designed this page for competitive obedience handlers that share my passion for all this sport entails. I will be posting training tips, answering questions, and sharing articles and videos and with you.

Check back frequently because I will be expanding and changing it to support and guide you on the journey toward achieving whatever goals you’ve set for yourself and your dog.

Writing this, I am reminded of a plaque that my parents had on the wall of their kitchen. Both coaches, teachers, and competitors, they believed: 

To win the game is great,

To play the game is greater,

To love the game is greatest.

For more information about my background and training experience, click HERE