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Meet Connie Cleveland Dog Trainers Workshop

Meet Connie

Connie Cleveland is an internationally recognized dog trainer who offers specialized weekend training seminars to competitive dog trainers around the country and overseas. Her own experience includes 10 Obedience Trial Champions (OTCH), 2 Field Champions (FC), 4 Amateur Field Champions (AFC), a UDT Maltese and a CDX Shih-Tzu. Connie's dog “Eli" was the first golden retriever to earn both field and obedience championships, and her dog Ezra is the only Labrador to have earned an obedience trial championship, a field championship, and an amateur field championship. 

Connie is also the owner of Dog Trainers Workshop, a full-service dog training and boarding facility near Greenville, South Carolina. Dog Trainers Workshop features an array of classes, day and boarding schools, and private lessons for puppy owners, those starting out in obedience training, obedience competitors, and owners with problem dogs. 

As important as Connie's achievements in training her own dogs is her passion for teaching others. At Dog Trainers Workshop Connie teaches obedience to more than 100 students each week. She conducts several webinars a year and has developed digital training products addressing puppy training, ring preparation, proofing, and tricks that transition to obedience exercises. 

She is the author of a DVD series, “How Dogs Learn, The Connie Cleveland Method” and a book entitled “Dogs Are Problems Solvers, Handlers Should Be.” She is a regular contributor to Front & Finish, The Golden Retriever News, and the Greenville Journal.