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They Are Never Too Old to Start
Beginner Training Class by Connie Cleveland at Dog Trainers Workshop

Intermediate Obedience Class

Please check back soon for our 2021 schedule.
In the meantime, if you have any question, please call us at 864.862.8626.

Congratulations on graduating our Basic Obedience Class.
If you wanted to take your K9 companion to a dog friendly place but uncertain of how he will act…
then we have the class for you!

The Intermediate Obedience class is designed to help you continue building the skills necessary to create a well behaved dog in public.  In this class, we’ll create scenarios that mimic real world conditions to prepare your dog for situations that are often found in public settings.  Topics covered will included: leash manners such as walking through a crowd, how to greet others politely, come when called off leash, remaining in a sit or down until released,  stop bolting out the door, and much more.  Class attendees must have completed the Beginner Obedience class at Dog Trainers Workshop. 


Plus, this class will prepare dogs for Canine Good Citizen Test

February 26, 2020 at 6:00PM

(additional class times may be added)

$150 for 6 week course

There are several ways to register for our course:
  • Call us at 864-862-8626 and we will complete the form for you
  • Register online below
  • The six-week class is $150.00 and payment must accompany your application

Upcoming Classes
There are no upcoming Intermediate Obedience Classes.