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Online Obedience Training Webinars

Teaching Obedience Classes & Dealing with Aggression

Connie has been teaching obedience classes for over 30 years. 
She teaches every level, from puppies to competitors preparing for Open and Utility competition. 
Join her for this hour as she discusses...

  • How to organize Beginner & Puppy Classes
  • Teaching Advanced Classes: Dividing into Small Groups
  • Aggression: She will do a demonstration to show you how she teaches owners to gain control of aggressive behavior

One participant wrote..."I have a young male that has been "pushy" with my other dogs. On a couple of occasions it ended in a scuffle. He guards his food, my food, as well as other objects. I have been at a loss as to how to handle it. I implemented what you suggested in this webinar. It's amazing how he is already waiting for me to go through the doors and has stopped grumbling at my other male dog. Thank you!"

Price: $25

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