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Webinar: Command Discrimination - Maintain the Momentum

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Join us for a new Webinar:  Command Discrimination - Maintain the Momentum

Topics to be discussed include:  

  • Position changes: Are you struggling with teaching your dog a change of position? Is there a technique that would help you teach your dog a particular position change?

  • Commands: We are always given the opportunity to use both verbal and signal commands. There are also numerous times we can communicate “stay” to our dogs as we walk away and return. Do we need a strategy for deciding what commands/signals we will give and when?

  • Maintaining Momentum:  I will share with you how I intend to create energy and excitement for my own dogs and my students’ dogs when they perform the position changes and stays required by the new Command Discrimination exercise. I believe it is possible to execute these exercises accurately and still perform with enthusiasm. 

Price: $20.00
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Date: Monday, March 12, 2018  
Time: 7:00 PM - Location(s): Dog Trainers Workshop
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